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Spatial Design, Community Empowerment

Housing Society Elderly Resources Centre Co-Creation Workshop

Participatory Design Approach




Spatial Design, Community Empowerment




OneBite Design Studio


School of Architecture, CUHK

General information

Date: (Day 1) 19 October 2019, (Day 2) (Day 2) 26 October 2019

Time: 10:00-15:00

Venue: Zone D,E, G/F and 1/F Atriums, AIT building, CUHK (near University Station)

Participants: 40pax (Including occupational therapists, elderly and caregivers etc.)

Workshop purpose: 

To educate ERC visitors on Age-Friendly Home and related gerontechnology 

Age-friendly design with concerns on home structure, interior design and furniture

Application of latest gerontechnology products to facilitate independent living and well-being 

About the Show Flat

No. of Show Flats: 2

Size: Around 150 sq.feet

Show Flat 1 For an elderly at the age of 70, who is independent in daily living

Show Flat 2 For an elderly at the age of 80, who is moderately dependent in daily living, and lives with a maid

Purpose: To educate ERC visitors on Age-Friendly Home and related gerontechnology products

Aims: To demonstrate how to achieve Age-Friendly Home features in Hong Kong unique context ( small living space), feature including fixed (layout), semi fixed (wall,colours) and non-fixed (furniture, gadgets)

To showcase worldwide and local geotechnology products which are suitable and applicable in Hong Kong

To showcase assistive equipment (e.g. Shower chair, bedrail) for different elderly needs (independent and dependent)

Workshop Team Structure

Organizer: Elderly Resources Centre (ERC)

Facilitation and Workshop Arrangement: One Bite Design (OB)

Supporting Organization: Occupational Therapist Association (OTA), Project Hap Sap (PHS)

Photo credits to

One Bite Design Studio.

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