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Meet our team members and friends.

Kar Him, MO

Co-Founder and Director

Prof. MO Kar Him, also known as Mo, is Assistant Professor at the School of Architecture. Before joining CUHK, Mo has led several consultancy projects on policy review advocating for sustainable development.  His current research focuses on positive ageing in the built environment and intergenerational living, and advocates for community participation in the process of design and planning.  He believes empathy is the foundation of moral design.  The act of design starts with thorough understandings and good observation, not problem-solving.


Rina KO

Co-Founder and Director

Rina Ko is a Registered Architect and has a professional interest in the well-being of older people. She has joined the CUHK Jockey Club Institute of Ageing since 2018. Her cross-disciplinary research explores how urban and architectural intent could have spiral effects on the physical and cognitive health of the elderlies, from daily encounters to societal implications. Before joining CUHK, she practiced as a Junior Architect in Herzog & de Meuron for two public cultural projects, Tai Kwun and M+ Museum, in Hong Kong. She believes a concerted effort of design research can produce collective meaning and social values for our home, Hong Kong.


William SIN

Co-Founder and Director

William is the Research Director of the Hong Kong Public Space Initiative and is involved in a number of community innovation projects on different capacity in recent years.  He received his undergraduate training in the University of Oregon in History, Geography and Archaeology and later on obtained his Master of Science in Geoinformation Science in The Chinese University of Hong Kong.  His interdisciplinary academic training allows him to be able to “read” a place from different perspective and to appreciate the importance of social interaction between people. He believes the relationship between urban space and people.  The nurturing of social relations in a community is the key principle to create a good place.

Keilee MOK

Project Director - Health & Care Services

With a dedicated mindset on driving health innovation, Keilee uses her nursing background to help connecting the dots between care needs, health services, experiences, and health system challenges. Being curious and empathetic, she is willing to try different means to design human--centred care by involving people into the co-create process.

Keilee actively involved in the commissioning CUHK Medical Centre from 2016 to 2022; designs of service model, patient journey, and use of smart technology. Keilee evolved from a nurse manager to a service designer through Vancouver Coastal Health, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Virginia Mayson Institute, and Institute of Healthcare Improvement.

David LIN

Research Assistant

With a background in urban studies and planning, David has always been fascinated by the organic interactions between urban environments and individuals. While recognising the reality of an urban environment is often limited by its framework, depending on multiple physical and socio-cultural constraints, he is keen on pushing boundaries. David started his planning career in a community based creative start-up where he was responsible for bringing communities together through innovative ways. He later joined the CUHK Jockey Club Institute of Ageing, focused on developing the understanding of older people's needs in the residential environment. With his experience working closely with the two ends – built professionals and individual users, he sees Happy Ageing Lab as a bridge that connects all parties, and he hopes it will empower individuals for a better, more people-oriented society.


Project Coordinator

With a background in urban studies and planning, Owen is constantly seeking knowledge about urban dynamics and their influences, by which fuels him for 6 years in tertiary education, and during the journey he understand real changes could be taken place in local and cooperative level, thus joining Happy Ageing Lab. He strongly believes that the impact of urban environment on residents are immerse, and with active interventions by cross-sector cooperation, quality of life of everyone could be improved without sacrificing anyone, it is his vision that a society with spatial justice could be achieved. Owen enjoys playing sports with friends in his free time, while maintaining a habit of reading in spare time.

Carina CHAN

Research Assistant

Before relocating to Hong Kong to join Happy Ageing Lab, Carina graduated from the University of Oregon studying Architecture and Sociology. Carina is interested in understanding how the built-environment would affect human social behaviours. Therefore, she occasionally finds herself reimagining spaces and social connections through architecture in the middle of the streets. Please come say hello if you ever catch her wandering around Hong Kong looking for mind-blowing things!

Esther NG

Research Associate

Esther is currently working on a study on a pilot implementation of intergenerational housing in Hong Kong. Her initial interest in housing stemmed from learning about spatial justice issues through interning and volunteering with housing advocacy organizations. Prior to joining Happy Ageing Lab, she was an Associate Project Manager at a real estate development consulting firm based in Philadelphia, PA, where she coordinated the planning, financing, and construction of affordable housing projects in the US. In her spare time, Esther can be found getting calligraphy ink all over her arms, attempting to find the pangram on NYT’s spelling bee, or at Broadway Cinematheque—somewhere in the last few rows, finishing off a box of Maltesers (pre-pandemic, of course).

Danyang LEI


Danyang LEI(Dannie) holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Guangzhou and a Master of Urban Design at CUHK. Now she is pursuing her PhD in the School of Architecture at CUHK with the main field of interest in public space and healthy ageing, social inclusion, and intergenerational space. She believes there is causality between the built environment and human action and tries to demonstrate it scientifically. She hopes her research and practice could inform different sectors of society for a better future. Dannie has a wide range of hobbies yet is a master in none, including but not limited to drawing, dancing, music and cooking.

Kelly LIN

Project Manager

Kelly is a chartered Town Planner and the Director of Hong Kong Public Space Initiative. She has experiences in both public and private planning sectors in Hong Kong, focusing on statutory planning and territory-wide planning studies.

She finished her bachelor degree of Geography in the University of Hong Kong (HKU) and worked as a marketing officer in container terminals. With a strong curiosity about the urban environment and how the physical environment shapes people’s life, Kelly commenced her journey as an urbanist and studied the Master of Science in Urban Planning in HKU. She proactively participated in and organised community planning/design thinking projects, and learnt a lot from community’s wisdom of how space should be used. While laws and regulations govern land development, she believes that there can be other mechanisms or elements making the city a better place to live, and part of the answers lie in the community we live.

The Advisory Board

+ Prof. Jean WOO
Emeritus Professor of Medicine and Director of CUHK JC Institute of Ageing

+ Prof. Wallace CHANG P.H
Associate Professor, HKU Faculty of Architecture


+ Prof. Wong Hung
Associate Professor, CUHK Department of Social Work

+ Mr. Timothy MA , JP, MH

Business Consultant, CUHK S-KPF Fund

Our Strategic Partners
Co-Design Workshop


We are looking for someone who is exceptionally passionate and care about our seniors in Hong Kong and has a genuine interest in social/participatory/design research on community needs, ageing, and housing.

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