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Rehabilitation centre, Dementia Living, Senior Cohousing


Wander in the memories.

Project Name


Project Year


Site Location

Lot No.1068 in Survey District No.3 off Anderson Road, Kwun Tong

Instructed by

Prof. MO Kar Him

Designed by

+ Chung Tsz WANG

+ Lai Yiu LAM

+ Liu Guo SHENG

+ Man Yan LOK

Project Statement

Rehabilitation centre, Dementia Living, Senior Cohousing

To tackle worsening situation of the demented elders in Hong Kong, a new experimental building typology should be investigated in relation to the co-living of this senior group. The low autonomy and dignity situation of traditional  insituitions should be mininmized while freedom should be provided.

Oblique plane, as an architectural operation to expand the wandering path of the residents in a high-density housing project, is able to stimulate the demented elders with variours spatial quality, strong visual connection and exciting programmes in the courtyard space.

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