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HALF’s Chairman and Co-funder Prof. Mo Participates as a Panelist in the Playright Children's Play Association Seminar

1 Mar 2024 | Happy Ageing Lab

As the keynote event of the "Playright Children's Play Association (賽馬會智樂好玩社區同盟) ," the "Collaborative Creation of Playful Communities Seminar (同心共創好玩社區研討會 )" was successfully held on Wednesday, October 11, 2023, in Quarry Bay. The seminar featured discussions, exhibitions, and community game activities, fulfilling its important mission to promote the advancement of community play. Prof. Mo participated as a panelist in the seminar.


The "Playright Children's Play Association" has evolved from the first phase of establishing community games and developing training programs to the second phase of expanding into more areas and developing public spaces. In the future third phase, the association aims to continue exploring the possibility of transforming public spaces into game bases, focusing on establishing a network of 15-minute community game circles and developing family-oriented community games.



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