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HALF’s Chairman and Co-funder Prof. Mo Moderated in the 8th Golden Age Expo and Summit (2023) Organised by Golden Age Foundation

27 Feb 2024 | Happy Ageing Lab

The intergenerational Living Communities seminar, organized by the Golden Age Foundation, took place in August 2023. Professor Mo was invited to facilitate the seminar. The main focus of the seminar was addressing the desire of most seniors to age in place and within their communities. The central question discussed during the seminar was how to develop communities that promote life satisfaction, a positive quality of life, and self-esteem for individuals of all ages.

The concept of smart ageing was highlighted, advocating for inclusive and supportive communities that cater to the needs of people across different age groups. The seminar aimed to explore the construction of intergenerational communities from various perspectives, including planning, architectural design, and interior design.

For more information, please see the video below or click the Link: HKHS International Conference 2023 – Keynote Speech by Mr Kevin MCGEOUGH - YouTube


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