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Community Engagement

Well•being: Public Housing Well-being Journey
【共築 • 幸福】幸福公屋之旅

Research and Advisory Service for Theme-based Improvement Works in PRH, Housing Authority




Community Engagement


Hong Kong Housing Authority
Hong Kong Design Centre


Hong Kong Design Centre


Hong Kong

"WELL • BEING" Public Housing Well-being Journey is an effort initiated by the Housing Bureau, which aims to use design to enhance public housing residents’ sense of well-being and quality of life, complementing the goals of "enhancing quantity, speed, and efficiency" of public housing supply. To this end, the Housing Bureau has gathered a team of architects, designers, and researchers to work collaboratively in engaging public housing residents.

Through design thinking and participatory design processes, the team can gain a deeper understanding of the community's needs and aspirations and co-develop spatial interventions and improvement works with local stakeholders to enhance well-being of public housing residents.

Hong Kong Design Centre, the Design Thinking Advisor (DTA) for the WELL • BEING initiative, has invited Happy Ageing Lab Foundation to participate in the Well-being Design Pretest as a project collaborator. The Well-being Design Pretest is a pilot scheme under the Government's WELL • BEING initiative, a multi-faceted effort to promote well-being in public housing estates across Hong Kong. The pilot scheme involves conducting desktop research, field observations, and a series of public participatory activities such as street polling, focus groups, and co-creation workshops to select 5 existing PRH estates and identify potential directions for comprehensive improvement works at each estate. Under this pilot scheme, Happy Ageing Lab Foundation has engaged a total of 389 members of the public, with findings from the engagement activities synthesised to inform the development of a preliminary scope of improvement works at each of the 5 selected estates.

「幸福先行・預試計劃」是「共築・幸福」計劃下的一項為期五年的先導計劃。由房屋局推動,項目以先導形式,為未來公屋制訂「幸福設計指引」。樂齡實驗室有幸得到項目設計思維顧問 – 香港設計中心的邀請,作為是次項目的研究伙伴。



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