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Community Empowerment, Spatial Design

POSsible! Ambassadors

Public Open Space Assessment




Community Empowerment, Spatial Design


The Architectural Services Department


One Bite Design Studio


Hong Kong

'POSsible! Ambassadors' is a project promoting design thinking and innovation for public open space

(POS) in Hong Kong. This project aspires to spark multi-stakeholder conversations and advocate the exchange of ideas by conducting a series of desktop studies, field surveys, design thinking workshops, and setting up a symposium involving global panellists.

The project is commissioned by the Architectural Services Department. Co-organised by One Bite Design Studio and

Happy Ageing Lab.

Project Objectives

POS is an integral part of our daily lives and touches everyone in the community. This project encourages various

stakeholders to adopt design thinking in the POS development process through engagement with various stakeholders, which would be the key to designing innovative and diversified POS.

Key Objectives include :

+ To expand creative thinking process in the design of POS in public or private development projects;

+ Bringing various stakeholders together to allow for the exchange of ideas and innovation together;

+ Bring awareness and promote the importance of social innovation, community engagement for POS;

+ To develop POSsible! Guide as a framework for easy adoption for future POS development; and

+ Mobilize various government departments to adopt the Design Thinking approach for existing and future POS

Field Survey by POSsible! Ambassadors

A series of field surveys will be conducted at 24 selected POS sites to identify users’ expectations and distinguish opportunities and challenges of the POS.

POSsible! Ambassadors will be carrying out passive observations on:

+ The current usage patterns of the POS;

+ The interactions and behaviours of various stakeholder groups; and

+ Elements that are essential to suit users’ needs

Provided with the tools needed (e.g. name tags, field survey kit, camera), POSsible! Ambassadors will be assigned with

various tasks, such as user counting, behaviour mapping, conducting user interviews, and evaluating the performance of the POS.

Photo credits to

One Bite Design Studio.

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