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Intergenerational Cohousing, Senior Cohousing


Blur the boundaries.

Project Name


Project Year


Site Location

Lot No.1068 in Survey District No.3 off Anderson Road, Kwun Tong

Instructed by

Prof. MO Kar Him

Designed by

+ Agnes YEUNG

+ Lilian Chung

+ Marcus HO

+ Pheobe Tong

Project Statement

Intergenerational Cohousing, Senior Cohousing

Our project aims to provide intergenerational cohousing for both young and old generation in Hong Kong. This design is aimed to use people as a means to care and cure for elderly loneliness, and to a further extent, enhance intergenerational solidarity in Hong Kong. In view of the different  lifestyles and conflicts of the two generations, our main concept is to blur the boundaries be-tween them and construct different layers of soft edges so the two generations can encounter.  

It is hoped that through our architectural design of spontaneous and designated encounters, it can gradually impact two gener-ation’s behaviour and enhance their chances of meeting - truly achieving intergenerational solidarity.

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